3 Factors to Consider Before A Job Interview

Job interviews are both exhilarating and massively scary. Considering your future is on the line, you can’t help but try your hardest to pass it with flying colors.

Sure all of us can go blank once we’re seated in front of the interviewer. That doesn’t mean we don’t give preparedness a shot beforehand.

So consider these factors before you head to your job interview.

1. Research the company.

This is basic knowledge. Before you even go to the company you’re applying for, you need to have at least a background of it.

Go to their websites and learn more about what their mission, vision and everything in between. Get to know their achievements and awards as well as any controversies they may have faced along the way.

This will be very helpful when you are asked a company related question during the interview. For more information, read our detailed guide to researching a company.

2. Review your resume.

While this is something you actually craft, you still need to review it. It’s a common careless mistake for applicants to overlook the importance of their resume while on the interview.

Remember: The interviewer can end up getting fixated on your resume and asking everything possible about it. So go over it more than once and know by heart what you put in there.

You don’t want to end up looking like you’re not the one who created your resume.

3. Find out who the company’s significant people are.

Apart from the company, learn more about the important people who work there. If it’s possible to know who the interviewer is going to be, then that’s a plus. This gives you the allowance of time to study about them, just in case you’re asked.

This also gives you a definitive edge against the other applicants.

Treat your job interviews as if they were your homework. Be well prepared, dress well and bring your confidence with you.

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