4 Crazy & Creative Ways to Land A Job

Landing a job has never been this tough. Considering the continuous flux in today’s economy, more companies are shedding off employees than hiring. Moreover, great job opportunities have become so rare that you literally need to think outside of the box.

So just what are the crazy and creative ways you can do to get a job you deserve? Here are some you can definitely take after.

1. Make use of a clever design.

Philippe Dubost, a web product manager mimicked an Amazon product page in order to get his resume out there. It’s one of the most genius ideas we’ve heard of this year so far. So if you want to truly stand out, get creative on your design, especially now that you have the power of the web to harness.

2. Blog about yourself.

One of the most powerful avenues to date is blogging. Not only can it make you visible worldwide. It can also spell your reputation and potential career to those on the lookout.

Why not lift your chair a little and blog about yourself? It certainly worked for B.I Ochman, an internet marketing specialist who wrote “Top 7 reasons Twitter should hire B.L. Ochman”. Twitter might not have hired her but Google certainly reached out and asked her to apply there.

3. Offer free services.

If you’re a programmer and noticed that there are certain ways your potential company’s website can be developed, give them a feedback and offer to help. This is a subtle yet very effective way to get noticed and even get hired.

4. Utilize Google or Facebook ads.

Other aspiring employees utilized Facebook or Google ads in order to get noticed their dream companies. From designers, advertising executives to other occupations, all it takes is a small investment and the write words to make up for the most eye-catching ad you can make to sell yourself.

So if you’re dying to land your dream job, remember to be a bit crazy. You won’t get to greater heights if you’re afraid to take risks, right?

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