4 Things you should never do when you start a new job

Congratulations, you’ve finally bagged your dream job. While you’ve accomplished the first step, you’re in for another set of new ones now that you’re employed.

One of the most critical phases is your first few weeks at work. There are certain things you should never do, considering the fact that you’re still new. So here’s a list of the biggest no no’s on the first day on the job.

1. Never come in late.

All eyes are on you. One of the easiest things people will notice is your attendance. If you want to make a good impression, try to never come in late. You may not be aware of it but people care a lot more about the time you come work.

This can easily speak for the level of dedication you have for the company.

2. Try not to use your phone too much for personal reasons.

We all have the need to communicate with our loved ones we leave at home or elsewhere. While it’s not prohibited to use your phone, try not to make too many calls.

If you’re on your working hours, avoid dialing. Make use of your short breaks instead and at least, away from the sight of your employer. Remember, your company isn’t paying you to chitchat.

3. Don’t under-dress.

It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Even at work, this applies so never come in looking unprofessional. As soon as you walk in that door, your employers and/or coworkers will look at you.

Have a little mix and match at home. If you want, you can even look up tips on corporate or work wear.

4. Never pass up orientation.

Back in college, we all hated going to first day of class. All we’re given is a syllabus and the rest of the time is spent reviewing guidelines and rules.

Well, now you’re working, you should never pass up on orientation. This is a critical and necessary session wherein you will get to know what your company wants from you and how they like things going on around the office.

Keep in mind that you’re new. So play the field accordingly and have the best responses you can receive.

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