4 Tips to Using LinkedIn for Your Job Search

With over 200 million registered users, LinkedIn has proven itself to be one big professional social media platform. Yes, there’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but if you want to help yourself with effective job search, then you have to be crazy not to be in LinkedIn.

For you to get started, here are some of the top tips for you to use this platform to get your dream job.

1. Complete your profile.

For everyone’s sake, fill out all the information on the site. A complete profile tells others that you’re not here to horse around. Consider this site as your online resume and this is where you sell yourself professionally.

Don’t be hesitant to upload a photo because much like other social media platforms, people would just find you suspicious.

2. Don’t be afraid to go public.

Sure it’s important for you to stay private in Facebook and other platforms but LinkedIn is different. You need to be able to stay public in order for more opportunities to come.

If you’re just going to have your own private network with the same people you know, then you’re limiting yourself to earning more connections.

3. Join groups.

LinkedIn has groups that allow you to others with the same interest. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know these people, possibly even get the chance for you to work with them professionally.

This is also a great venue for you to inquire about some of your professional inquiries and concerns.

4. Connect to as many people as you can.

Get Introduced is a link that lets a person you know introduce you to the rest of his/her network. Hit on that link in order for more people to find out you’re in LinkedIn.

Make sure you organize your contacts well enough that you won’t have a problem going back to them once in a while. Also, apart from making your profile public to be easily added by people, connect to others and build your own network.

Remember, LinkedIn is a huge edge among others. So if you want to develop your job search, this platform can make such a big difference.

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