5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss

A good working communication is key to better work performance. While it’s healthy to get in touch or bond with your boss once in a while, there are still certain things you should never tell him/her.

There are a lot of ways work can get ugly if you say the wrong things. So here’s a short list of what you should never bring up around your boss.

1. Religion

We’ve seen it all worldwide. Wars are happening in the Middle East because of conflicting religious beliefs. Believe us when we say you will end up fighting your own unnecessary battle if you ever bring up religion with your boss.

You’re there to work, not to convert or push your beliefs into someone.

2. Your other job

It’s a rule of thumb to never mention your other job if you have any. While you think you are honestly distributing equal amount of time into each, your boss can easily blame your poor performance on that other job you’re “prioritizing”.

3. Sexual orientation

Much like religion or politics, bringing up your sexual orientation is completely unnecessary. Unless it is directly related and essential to the nature of your job, then forget about it.

4. Night life

This is also one of the worst topics you can ever talk about with your boss. While it’s great that you may have reached this kind of dynamics, letting him/her know where your whereabouts entitles him/her to question your tardiness or weak performance.

Keep it to yourself. If you plan to go out, just say you’ll need to get off early due to personal reasons.

5. Your personal situation

One of the biggest mistake workers commit is when they openly talk about their current struggles in life. The truth is you don’t need to tell them whether you’re deep in debt or providing for your entire family. Your boss should never have that kind of information because it can easily be used against you in time.

So remember these topics the next time you strike up a conversation with your boss. The last thing you want is compromising your job.

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