5 Top Tips to Using Facebook for Job Search

With more than a billion users, Facebook has become a worldwide phenomenon. While many consider this as a mere social hub of celebrity gossips, personal rants and such, it can also be a haven for all job hunters out there.

So if you’re one who’s in dire need of a great job, look no further. Below are some of the best ways you can use Facebook as a secret professional weapon.

1. Make a Facebook Page.

If you’re iffy on using your own personal profile, then you can make a separate Facebook Page. This is not the same as making a new profile, Pages are a separate tool within Facebook. It’s the same as the pages you like online so it’s not too hard to set it up and at the same time, you get to keep your privacy.

2. Complete your information.

As much as you can, complete all the details you need to fill up in your profile. Put your whole name, a decent photograph, contact info and other achievements you may have.

3. Like your ideal companies.

Don’t just wait on people to like your page. Like some of the ideal companies you want as well and be able to build your own network. This way, others would see that your profile is professional and they will actually take you seriously.

4. Post a Facebook ad.

The fees of Facebook are very minimal in case you want to put up an ad with them.  The beauty of having one is that you get to sort out all the demographics so that your ad will appear on those pages that would actually care about your online professional profile.

5. Integrate your blog and other networks.

Another thing you can do is to integrate your blog and other professional sites with your Facebook page. If you’re a graphic designer looking for a permanent job, then by all means link up your online portfolio to show your credibility.

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