A basic guide to negotiating your salary

Your salary is a big bulk of what makes a job worthwhile. While you may accept less pay for a job that you are passionate about, it doesn’t make sense to leave money on the table by being paid less then you are worth.

Below are some of the tips and tricks you should look into to make sure you are being paid adequately.

1. Do a bit of research.

If you want to be hired as a PR writer in a firm, then consult with someone of the same position. Whether it’s a friend or a relative, do research on how much they were initially paid for and how long their salary raises were.

Moreover, you can research on the company you’re applying for. If they’re small and relatively new, don’t expect a high compensation.

Check out Glass Door to see what other folks are being paid.

2. Have a range.

Once you’re actually talking about your salary, have a range. If you know you deserve at least $20,000, then propose a range of $20,000-$25,000. It’s best if you can settle for a $23,000 agreement.

Be ready to haggle. This isn’t a ready opportunity where people can easily say yes or no to your offer.

3. Upgrade the job.

One way to get the best salary is to let your employer realize that you’ll be doing more work than what is just in the job description. For instance, you’re applying as a PR writer. You won’t solely be writing. You’ll be doing a lot of research, pitching ideas, covering meetings and even going on trips.

4. Look down at the floor.

No kidding. If your interviewer proposes a salary to you that is short of what you deserve, remain silent and look down. Show your disappointment this way instead of coming back with impulsive words.

This way, the interviewer will quickly react to you.

So the next time you’re up for a job application, keep these tips in mind to get the best salary possible.

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