A Guide to Researching a Company Before Your Interview

Job interviews can be such a daunting task. One of the best ways to be fully prepared to ace it is to research about the company you’re applying for.

So if you’re currently in pursuit of your future career, here’s a simply guide to researching before your job interview.

Know the company’s background.

One of the first things you need to do is to learn the background of the company. This will get you through the basic questions your interviewer will ask. So research on:

  • How the company works, whether it’s a non-profit organization or a profiting corporation.
  • Who are the big names you need to be familiar with.
  • The achievements/awards the company has received.
  • What significant moments the company has experienced.
  • What are the company’s products and services (the best-selling and the not so sellable ones)
  • What is the mission/vision of the company?
  • Has the company shift directions since? If so, when and how?

Know what the company needs.

Another topic you need to be familiar about is what the company actually needs, employees wise.

  • What are the available positions the company has?
  • What are common practices/discipline the positions demand at work?
  • What do you think they’ll expect from you?
  • What can you offer them with regard to the company’s mission/vision?
  • Do you fit in more than one position? If so, what and how do you prove that?

Make sure you regard two major categories.

  • Company Profile – While you are doing your research, never forget about focusing on the company profile. This includes the basic operations of the company, industries it operates on, major clientele and the direction the company is heading in. For publicly traded companies you can read their corporate prospectus to get most of this information. This knowledge can really impress your interviewer if you work it in to the interview.
  • Current Trends/News – Whether it’s a recent controversy or great news for the company, make sure you know what these are. You can easily ask about these to measure how well prepared you are to work for them.

So go ahead, start your research and best of luck on your job interview.

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