How to demonstrate your value to employers

Job interviews are a lot like selling yourself. You’re up against a lot of competitors and you’ve got to impress only one person by the end of the day.

So just how can you pull off an interview that’s both enriching and exciting? Show your strong points and value, of course.

If you’re looking into learning how to actually do this, here are some of the best tips.

1. Speak practically, not theoretically.

The best way to start on the right foot is to tell your employers about your experience. Whether it’s from college or your previous work experiences, speak from each. Don’t be easily insecure if you’re just a fresh graduate. You can always draw out experiences from back in school.

Keep in mind that companies are more particular on practical things you can do for them, not just ideal and theoretical situations so be as real as you can.

2. Let them in on your expertise.

Another way to show your value is for you to show them what you’re made of. When you’re relaying your experiences, make sure to highlight what you’re good at.

Another way for you to share your expertise to others is through social network platforms. Make use of your channels in order to let others know of your thought leadership. In no time, your future employers (who use social media to assess their would-be employers) would have nothing but good impressions.

3. Recall certain crises.

Another big plus for companies is when you’re able to share problem-solution situations. Make sure you talk about certain crises you faced before and how you were able to deal with it. Tell them about the challenges you faced and how you resolved each.

A good trick is to try and relate those experiences with your future company.

So the next time you want to bag a better job, learn how to sell yourself. Keep these tips in mind.

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