How To Dress For An Interview

Corporate men shouldn’t only be good. They should also look good. Thanks to the increased supply of designer and basic men’s work wear, more males have learned how to dress for the kill.

Suit and shoes are what makes a successful working man. In fact, the perfect match can easily command attention and respect. So if you’re a first timer, learn how to dress  for an interview


Color Coordination

Color is everything in corporate wear. A bad suit-and-shoes match can easily turn people off. The best match, however, can easily get you that promotion you’ve always wanted. The first tip is for you to learn about basic color coordination.

Here’s a simple guide of matching your suit with your shoes, color wise.

  • Black – black
  • Light grey – black
  • Dark grey – black
  • Navy – blue
  • Navy – black
  • Brown –  brown
  • Light grey – brown

how to dress for an interview

Pinstripe Suit

If you want to take your suit and shoe game to another level. Wear a pinstripe suit. Not only does this make you stand out, it tells people that you know how to take risks.

The best advice is when wearing dark pinstripe suit, go for black shoes. Just make sure your pair is well polished, as well as your suit well fitted. The last thing you want is looking like utter disaster.

Other Tips

The very first thing you need to consider is the fit of the suit and shoes. They need to look sleek and feel perfectly comfortable. You don’t want to walk around looking tight but could hardly breathe already.

Another is to not be too much of a brand freak. Sure designer pieces are the best around. If you can’t afford it, you can always find good deals in other stores and wait for the best ones to go on sale.

So if you want to power dress, learn the best suit-and-shoe match. Who knows? You may be able to finally bag that dream job of yours.

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