How to Make an Outstanding Portfolio Website

In this digital age we live in, having a portfolio website counts— big time! So if you’re a graphic artist, videographer or a creative hub that needs dire exposure, look no further.

Below is what makes for the best outstanding portfolio website possible. So take note.

1. Be witty.

The power of a website is not only about how it looks. It’s also about what your future clients will read. So make it light, personal and casual. Remember that you’re selling your creativity. If you succumb to corporate jargons and boring lines, then expect no one to be interested.

2. Have an original logo and tagline.

Make your mark as soon as your potential client lands on your page. Have your original logo placed on the top left for everyone to see. Highlight and enlarge your tagline for you to be remembered.

Just keep in mind the nature of your work and what you offer so it will translate well with your logo and tagline.

3. Make a quality portfolio.

If you’re a photographer, then make sure all your photos have good resolution. Have a short caption for each and if these photos ever won an award. Put a watermark just to save yourself from freeloaders and plagiarists.

4. Be easy to contact.

Your “Contact” portion should be easily spotted and all the specific details should be there. Give your email, contact number and address. This makes it a lot easier for your potential customers to see if you’re within their range.

5. Tell them about yourself.

Let the people know who you are. Make sure your “About Me” page is simple, short and straightforward. Add a dash of charm and wit into it. Moreover, keep in mind people won’t bother reading long descriptions.

6. Integrate with social media.

In order for your website to get web traffic, integrate it with social media. Make your online portfolio easily shareable because really, billions of people are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest combined.

So keep these tips in mind when you make a portfolio website.

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