How to write a post-interview thank you letter

Job interviews can be nerve wracking. Apart from all the competition you face and the stern, intimidating look on your interviewer, the pressure can get to you. You can either control it or end up consuming you in the process.

Whether it’s a good or bad job interview you ended up having, one way to make yourself memorable is through writing a thank you letter.

So here are some ways to crafting an effective one.

1. Remember: K.I.S.S

Keep it short and simple. This is one magical trick that always landed well on the laps of people. So when you try to draft out a thank you letter, try to be as straight to the point as possible. Or else, you’ll end up losing their interest.

2. Let them know why you’re writing.

At the first paragraph of your letter, let them know right away why you’re writing. Of course in this case, you simply want to thank them for interviewing you and giving you the opportunity of a lifetime.

3. Highlight your skills once again.

Remind them again as to why you deserve a position in their company. Let them know of your skills, strengths and achievements  that can be an asset to them. Just remember not to be too braggy about it.

4. Highlight any weak points of the interview.

Apart from your skills, you also need to let them in on the weak points of the interview. The letter can be an opportunity for you to straighten up any poor words or flaws you made during the interview. Just don’t sound too defensive. Instead, admit the mistakes and be humble about it.

5. Proofread it, for Pete’s sake.

Make sure your letter is free of all errors grammar, spelling and syntax have. You’re after being professional so try your best to give them a great thank you letter, without the eyesores.

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