Instead of Asking for A Raise, Ask for Benefits!

Asking for a raise is one of the most intimidating things at work. Many are too embarrassed to even talk about it while others can just unbelievably muster up strength and give their employer a piece of their mind.

What you may not consider is your benefits. This is one of the most untapped strategies employees are not practicing in order to save more money, instead of asking for some.

So before you ask for a raise, learn more about your company’s benefits. Here’s how!

Transportation and meal allowance

A big bulk of an employee’s everyday expenses is food and transportation. While you may constantly complain about the gas price hike and the expensive restaurant that’s the only near your office, why not ask for allowance?

Instead of you reasoning out that you’re spending too much on these two, it’s best to open up the possibilities of the company shouldering it for you. This way, you get to save up as well.

Perks you’re not aware of yet

Sure a discounted fitness club membership won’t pay the rent but it can sure save you a load of money to pay for it in the long run.

There are certain benefits you may not be aware of that well, you should be. Who knows? You could be entitled to a free membership to a spa that you’re not experiencing with your wife or husband and friends.

These little things don’t necessarily amount to a raise but it certainly helps in your well being and motivation to work for a company.

There are benefits you can propose

Another beauty of asking for benefits over a raise is that it’s more cost efficient for companies. Instead of them granting you a bigger wage, it would be easier for them to go for less expensive benefits that can be equally gratifying.

Try to propose a paid vacation leave if you don’t have one. See if you can get your children or parents to have health and education insurance.

So don’t be too focused on just the money. There are a lot of ways you could be rewarded for a job well done. Widen your perspective and consider benefits instead.

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