Interview Question: What to say if you were fired from your last job

If there’s one nightmare question in a job interview, it’s “Why were you fired from your last job?” A lot of people who’ve experienced this mostly babbled and stuttered. This in turn, cost them an opportunity at the job.

Were you ever fired from your previous job and currently anticipating a job interview? Then look no further. Below are some of the best ways to go around this situation and give you an equal shot at a new career.

Try to communicate with your previous employer.

If you and your previous company didn’t really end on a bitter note, try and reach them. Seeing as your interviewer will likely be calling your previous employer for a reference, try to find a way to smooth things over so that your reference is positive.

Know what to answer.

Here are some of the best answers you can choose from.

  • There were personal problems involved before, which I’ve now sorted out and are no longer existing.
  • Being free from that company was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I am able to explore more and better opportunities, like this one.
  • I  feel like my boss and I never met halfway. I feel as if s/he had different expectations and standards.
  • That time, I was desperate for work. Then I realized it was not the right job for me that’s why I was ruled out.
  • The company’s downsizing. After some of my co-workers, I unfortunately was terminated as well.
  • The company’s having a difficult time and needed to relocate to another location. I wasn’t included in the list.
  • A new manager was given the position and cleaned house. The old team, including me were unfortunately terminated.


Practice makes perfect. Just choose one answer and stick by it.

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