Job Fairs: Are they worth the time?

Job fairs are much more than a sea of people clad in corporate attire and hundreds of booths seemingly looking for low-level workers.

Even in this world where you can land a job via a social media ad, job fairs remain a critical part of jumpstarting a professional career.

While many believe it’s a waste of time, it’s just because they don’t know how to attend one. So if you’re one who’s open to exercising your right to a dream job, then read on below.

It’s all about being prepared

The truth is much work is needed way before you even step into a job fair. All you have to be is prepared in order to realize that this kind of event is what you need to get your career going.

Here’s a list of what you can do beforehand.

  • Customize your resume. Forefront your best skills and talents so when the people browse it, they’ll read only the significant ones.
  • Try to call the organizers and see which companies will be participating.
  • Out of that list, find the companies you’re most interested in.
  • Research more about each so that you have a good background of what they’re about.
  • See if you can get a hold of the person for each company who will be representing in the job fair.
  • From here, make a cover letter you can slip on top of your resume, addressed directly to the point person of the company.

It’s about the bigger fish

Most of those who represent the companies in job fairs are HR personnel. It is sometimes true that they only go for the average workers. So what do you do?

More often than not, there are speakers in these job fairs. These are the bigger fish who may also be secretly on the lookout for someone who stands out. If you can, why not strike a conversation with him/her to make yourself memorable?

Oh and by the way, look your best. Nothing beats a well dressed first impression.

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