Outstanding Job Resume Writing Tips

A resume is like your reputation. It can easily precede you, especially if you don’t exactly have a good track record.

If there’s one thing you should have before a job interview, it should be a very well-crafted resume. Not only will it be the first thing your potential employer will see. It will also determine if you’re worth their time or not.

So if you want to learn more about pimping up your job resume, read on below.

1. Don’t take yourself seriously.

If you think quirky, goofy achievements don’t count, think again. Considering the nature of a job interview, inducing a bit of humor can actually get you the job.

For instance, if you’re applying to be a chef and won any food-related challenges, write it down. While it may not count for anything professional, it’s a pleasant surprise to your interviewer.

Just remember not to go overboard.

2. Choose your words wisely.

Word choice can speak a lot for anyone. If you don’t know the best and hottest buzzwords in your industry today, then your future employers might think you’re not good enough.

If you’re applying for an advertising company, be inspired by the campaigns made by your future employer. Make use of the keywords they also utilize in order to connect with them even more.

3. Make it aesthetically professional.

Never, ever use highly decorative font styles that are more appropriate for toy box labels than your resume. Don’t print on colored papers also.

Make sure that your resume doesn’t only contain great content but is also aesthetically appealing.

There are a lot of formats available online. All you have to do is to follow one as well be aware with your spacing, headings, titles and length of words.

4. Be a bit more creative.

If you’re applying for a design company, why not make a video resume? The people in this industry completely appreciate that extra effort. Who knows? You may just end up winning them and bagging that job instantly.

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