Repeatedly rehearse a job interview to increase confidence for the real thing

Practice makes perfect. We’ve heard this statement over a million times. While it’s become quite the cliché, it’s proven to be effective in situations.

Going to a job interview can be nerve wracking. You may never be sure of how it will end up but one thing’s certain: You can rehearse it to yield better results.

Here are a few tips you can utilize before your job interview.

1. Speculate on possible questions.

One way to pull off your interview is to think ahead. Speculate on the possible questions you can be asked of during that moment. Whether it’s from your resume, recommendation or anything that relates to the position you’re applying for, brainstorm profusely.

2. Prepare an elevator speech.

A daunting question in an interview is “Tell me about yourself.” Most applicants scramble in their head and end up twisting their words. Well, with an elevator speech, you can pass through this query like a breeze.

A day ahead of your interview, compose a little speech in your head. Think of why you want that job so badly, ways you can contribute in the company as well being as honest and transparent as possible.

That elevator speech (or a short one) can contribute big time to you failing or winning your interview.

3. Practice, practice, practice.

Whether it’s in front of the mirror or recording yourself with a camera, practice your interview. If you have someone who can role play with you, it will be better.

This way, you have a rough portrayal of how it can go during the interview. This also gives you enough time to foresee anything that can come up come the big day.

Anything can happen during a job interview. You’d be surprised how interviewers can think outside the box as well. So in your part, make sure you are open, creative, ready and smart. These traits are what you need to give you a promising career.

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