Should You Follow Up An Interview with a Phone Call?

Have you ever been given advice about the need to follow up about a job interview? This has always been a controversial question: Whether or not to follow up a job interview with a phone call. Whether it’s from the part of the interviewer of the interviewee, there are certain factors you need to consider as well.

Time Consuming

Let’s face it, doing phone calls in this case can be so time consuming. Say for instance the person you need to reach is currently out. Initially, you wouldn’t know that so you proceed calling only to be told to call again. On your next attempt, you’re not even entirely sure that you can catch the person again.

Another is that answering machines can be such a pain. Not only are you talking to, well, a machine. You’re also unsure if your call will ever be returned.

In the realm of the corporate world, time is of the essence. Even you as an applicant shouldn’t be wasting your time trying over and over to contact the person you want to.

Send an e-mail instead

Many believe that sending emails is more convenient than making a phone call. First reason is we now live in a digital world. The reliance on emails are higher than those who would patiently wait for a phone call.

Another reason you should email instead because it calls for better communication. You give each other the privilege to answer at the best convenient time. Compared to phone calls that can be surrendering and leave you little choice, emails are just there available for you to reply to once you’re ready.

So my advice is no, don’t make that phone call. Consider other viable options, such as sending out an email.

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