Should You Include A Photo in Your Resume?

Applying for a job is both daunting and exciting. There are so many factors that can get you hired or well, make you try your luck elsewhere.

One of these factors is incorporating your photo into your resume. While there’s been constant debate about it, do you really need to attach one the next time you apply for a job?

German Research Says

A recent study in Germany done by Maria Agthe investigates the behavior of recruiters towards applicants that attach photos into their CV’s.

It appears that plain looking recruiters are less likely to hire prettier or more handsome looking applicants. On the other hand, more good looking recruiters don’t really mind however way the applicants look like.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

The EEOC firmly states that it is illegal to make use of race, age, color, national origin and physical disabilities as basis for hiring.

The government institution calls for equal hiring among all companies in the US and far from any form of discrimination.

So among majority of jobs out there, you shouldn’t include your photo as most companies will just toss it out since it can be used as grounds for bigger legal problems that can lead to court.

Unless your looks are actual qualifiers

If you’re applying to become a professional model or actor, of course you need to include a photo in your resume. This nature of work counts on physical looks in order for you to bag a job.

The popularity of Facebook

While it’s actually illegal to base good quality employees on their looks, Facebook’s one spectrum that’s compromising this law.

Since future employers can have easy access on their prospective employees online, they can easily assess if they want them or not, judging by the way these people look.

It’s sometimes an irresistible way to check if one’s about to employ someone but this should never be grounds for job applications.


In short, you will have better results if you do not include a photo with your resume. Only include one if it is requested or expected for the position.


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