What Are Your Unique Selling Points?

Job interviews shouldn’t be all intimidating. A healthy exercise is to treat it as an opportunity to share what you have to make your future employer proud.

It’s a basic question for interviewers to ask about your selling points. In fact, a job interview is really all about selling yourself. All it takes is for you to have what your potential company wants and you’ll be able to bag that job.

So what exactly are your unique selling points? Here are some useful tips for you to work on your strengths.

1. Identify your skills

What are you good¬† at? What are the skills you possess that’s proven to be useful and effective in your other experiences?

A good trick is to think the way your potential employer thinks. What image should you have in order for you to be desired? This way, it helps you assess if the skills you have are actually right for the company you’re applying for.

2. Solidify your skills.

A future employer can be delighted when you say “I saved my company from a catastrophic event once”. If you want to impress him/her even more, solidify it. “I saved my company from losing over $500,000 once.”

When you put a number on your skills, especially if it’s along the line of your potential position, this matters a lot. Tangible efforts like these make your interviewer think you’re worth something. So instead of just being vague and ideal, recall certain times that you actually made use of your skills before and solidify them.

3. Share your benefits.

Now that your future employer knows what you can do, it’s time to let them know what you can do for the company.

If they hire you, what can they get from you in return? What are the benefits you entail once they agree to take you in? This is critical because it’s the phase where big decisions are made.

So make sure your takeaway is effective and successful. Just keep in mind not to be so ideal that you’re speaking beyond your skills and means.

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