What is the Briefcase Technique?

Going to a job interview or asking for a salary raise can be very intimidating. Apart from the authority you have to face, you could end up disappointed.

There are so many techniques out there to help you prepare. Out of all these techniques, Ramit Sethi— the creator of I Will Teach you to be Rich website, manage to formulate one that’s been used over and over again.

It’s a little thing called the briefcase technique and over thousands of people can attest to its effectiveness.

What is it?

The briefcase technique is a method in which you come prepared to a job interview. Now, we’re not just talking about background checks and resume practicing. We’re talking about having a proposal ready for your future employer to look into right then and there.

What proposal?

Study the company from afar and way before your interview. Prepare a few pages containing the points of opportunities you’ve noticed about the company. To make it even more dramatic and theatrical, know your timing.

How is it done?

Once your future employer asks “What is your desired salary?”, take out the proposal from your briefcase and hand it to him/her. This gesture is irresistible, s/he can’t help but actually look into it and be impressed by the amount of effort you put into it— and you aren’t even employed yet!

Why does it work?

Here are a number of reasons why it works.

  • The initiative you display quickly stands out and eliminates the rest of the 99% applicants.
  • Your future boss is a busy person who would rather not do on-the-job training for you. Once you take out that proposal from your briefcase, you’re giving the impression you are prepared, independent and a critical thinker.
  • With your proposal, you’ve managed to make it easier for the company. They like to tweak ideas, not create them. Once they have yours, they’ll be more than open minded to accommodate what’s in that paper.

So if you ever want to get that raise or bag that job, go ahead and use the briefcase technique. Test it out yourself and be surprised by its amazing results.

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